Flights to Bequia via Barbados

We can offer you flights to Bequia, as part of a package holiday, (with a connecting SVG Air or Bequia Air* flight) via Barbados with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, both departing from either London Heathrow / Gatwick as follows:

British Airways (Scheduled flights all direct)
via Barbados Daily (Year round).

Virgin Atlantic (Scheduled flights all direct)
via Barbados Daily (Year round).

*Bequia Air is a private charter and flights are only available at certain times of the year, and only offered to guests staying at the Bequia Beach Hotel.

Please note: not all international flights arrive into Barbados with enough time to make a same day connection to Bequia, however we will suggest the most suitable itinerary based on your dates of travel and sometimes we may recommend an overnight in Barbados.

Flights to Bequia via St Vincent

We can also offer a twice weekly flight with Virgin Atlantic from London Heathrow to St Vincent (touching down in either Barbados/Antigua) with a connecting ferry to Bequia the same day (dependent on arrival time into St Vincent). Alternatively we can arrange an overnight stay in St Vincent with a connecting ferry to Bequia the following day. Please contact us for more detailed information.

How long can I stay for?

We can offer holidays with any duration flying when flying with Virgin Atlantic or British Airways.

How long are the journeys?

The flight time from the UK to Barbados is generally around 9 hours. You will then connect with the inter-island SVG Airlines flight which takes around 50 minutes (dependent on how many stops en route).  Flights with Bequia Air are around 30 minutes.

The flight time from UK to St Vincent is generally around 11 hours.

What classes of travel are available?

British Airways offer three or four classes: World Traveller (Economy), World Traveller Plus (Premium) and Club. First Class may be available on selected dates/routes.  See our classes of travel section for full details.

Virgin Atlantic offers three classes: Economy (Classic & Delight), Premium and Upper Class. See our classes of travel section for full details.

Can I pre-book my seats?

British Airways
The simple answer is yes; however whether this is a free or payable service depends on a variety of things such as class of travel, if you are an Executive Club/Flying Club member or travelling with children etc… As your flights are also part of a package holiday, in some circumstances, we may need to issue your airline tickets before seats can be allocated.

Virgin Atlantic
Again the answer is yes; We will pre-allocate your seats for you, so let us know if you have any particular seating preferences. However, Economy passengers who wish to book an exit row seat or economy classic seats in the upper deck of the aircraft (if applicable) will need to pay an extra supplement.

We will provide detailed information about seating when you book, but we would also direct you the airline’s website for the latest information – click on the links below:

British Airways Seating

Virgin Atlantic Seating

What is the baggage allowance?

As information can change without notice we would direct you to the relevant airline’s website for the latest information, however, please note that as you are travelling with two airlines, your baggage allowance must be based on the most restrictive allowance which is generally the inter-island SVG Air sector – only 1 hold bag per person weighing no more than 20kg and 1 piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 6kg.  Passengers travelling with Bequia Air can take up to 2 x 23kg hold baggage per person plus 1 handbag/laptop bag, plus an additional cabin bag weighing no more than 6kg.

 British Airways Baggage Essentials

Virgin Atlantic Baggage Essentials



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